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Black Quantum Futurism (stream)

Updated: May 7, 2020

Image credit: Paula Lopez-Gamundi

Greetings paraculturalists, pseudo- and quasi-, proto- and para-paraculturalists. It is probably safe to assume that many of the visitors to this site have found themselves with more time at home, and so it is with great joy that we are able to bring a stream of this truly mind-bending and soul-challenging talk from Rasheedah Phillips to a laptop near you.

Rasheedah is a lawyer, activist, scholar, and writer from Philadelphia, author and editor of numerous books revolving around her concept of “Black Quantum Futurism,” and the director of the AfroFuturist Affair, an experimental community organization. We were so fortunate to be able to invite her to Rice University in 2019 as part of what we then imagined as the Parahumanities Speaker Series. The Parahumanities Series has since evolved into, among other things, this website, and so, while it has taken longer than we expected, we are at last now able to bring Rasheedah’s presentation to a virtual audience.  

I won’t attempt the impossible task of trying to summarize the contents of the talk; if you have interest in quantum physics, gentrification, Henri Bergson, or struggles for liberation, you will find it well worth watching. Please note that the audio quality improves around the seven-minute mark.

Watch here!

(Thanks so much to Os Galindo for recording!)

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May 07, 2020

Further reading recommend by Julia Mossbridge: The Psychology of Thinking about the Future.


Apr 18, 2020

Related academic article: "The Relationship Between Future Time Perspective and Self-Esteem: A Cross-Cultural Study of Chinese and American College Students":

(The idea of a future orientation gap among American adolescents was introduced to me by the magnificent Julia Mossbridge.)

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