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How the coolest Marvel show jumped a high bar to become one of the worst portrayals of Arabs on TV

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Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers of the FX show Legion.

By A’isha Saleh

I am one of Marvel’s biggest fans. Both in film and television, I think they are going above and beyond to achieve excellence in their craft.

I especially believed this when I watched the FX show Legion, Marvel’s X-Men spinoff following the story of David Haller a.k.a. Legion, the mutant son of Professor X. I thought, and still think, that this is one of Marvel’s greatest productions. The extremely skilled editing, the style of the production, the incredible acting, and the beautifully symbolic lighting that adds to the chaotic style of the show all combine to produce an incredible experience for me as an audience member.

These were my thoughts from the first second of episode one all the way up until the name of the main villain is revealed near the end of the series, a one Amahl Farouk. As soon as this happened, I saw the entire season in a completely different light, the blatant racism and Islamophobia rising to the surface to display itself loud and clear.

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