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Time Machine Now Available!

I am thrilled to let everyone know that Julia Mossbridge's Time Machine technology is up and running and available free of charge at This is a wonderful/wondrous interactive program that helps people connect with their future selves that (go figure) are wiser, more compassionate, and more grounded than their current selves, and waiting to support them and their work. (Don't even think of rolling your eyes . . . Mossbridge is a neuroscientist and experimental psychologist.) It works even if you don't "believe" in mental time travel. Connecting with your future self doesn't assume predetermination by the way. Mossbridge's view of time is stochastic. Check out our posts on precognition here and here as a thank you to us for directing you to the Time Machine site. Read more about Mossbridge, the Time Machine, and TILT (The Institute for Time and Love) here. Also see this open access article on the Time Machine in Frontiers of Psychology: "Smartphone Time Machine: Tech-Supported Improvements in Time Perspective and Wellbeing Measures"

Happy Holidays!

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