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Eric Wargo Beyond the Observer Effect, with Japanese Subtitles

Paracultures highly recommends . . .

John Craig’s interview with Eric Wargo titled “Precogntion and Time Loops” on the Japanese webcast, Real Rover. The interview is reposted, here, in Wargo’s post “Big in Japan” on his blog The Nightshirt: sightings, portents, forebodings, suspicions.

The interview is in English but let your friends in Japan know the interview includes Japanese subtitles. (Greetings, present and future friends in Japan.)

The interview is all about Eric Wargo’s book, Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious. Craig and Wargo discuss, “retrocausation, alchemy, Zen, and the Long Self that precognition gives access to” (The Nighshirt). John Craig, btw, is a terrific, truly knowledgeable host, whose comments add a lot of value to the interview. (I predict we will be hearing more from John on Paracultures in the future.)

Wargo’s book has been lauded as “the most significant intellectual work on a paranormal topic in the last fifty years” (Jeffrey J. Kripal), and Wargo has been described as “the Sherlock Holmes of retrocausation” (Nick Herbert). See more Paracultures posts on Wargo here and here.

Paracultures is particularly interested in Wargo’s comments on retrocausation as a challenge to the Copenhagen interpretation. Check out the interview and the book for more on this and many more fascinating topics.

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